Care of Your Westie

Westies are prone to allergies and dry skin problems, and bathing too frequently may aggravate these problems. Washing once a month or on a longer interval will generally not cause problems. However, frequent brushings are needed to keep the coat clean and oils evenly distributed throughout the coat. Washing with a detergent-free, baby-oriented, or another soft skin shampoo will help keep a Westie's skin hydrated. Weekly washing of the inside of the ears with cotton balls will prevent oil and wax build-up and ear infections. Water in the ears must be removed before an infection develops. Westies should be groomed at least every 6 weeks, and bathed and brushed as needed between appointments.

Westies love dog treats which can be helpful for dogs to have positive habits. Westie particularly love dog treats made from beef, chicken, lamb and rice such as Bully Sticks, Greenies, Dog Beef Jerky, Chicken Dog Treats, Lamb Treats...etc. Westies are very sensitive, so make sure to give the right dog treats. Dog treats for Westies should always be the "big" ones so that it takes a long time to get a small piece in their mouth. A Westie can get small pieces stuck in their throat and the raw hide can wear a hole through the esophagus. The chews become soft and can also get stuck in the roof of the mouth. Dog treats such as pig ears and raw hides are not good for Westies.

Properly grooming your Westie puppy will make you and your puppy feel very happy. The fur is the main area that will need to be groomed. This involves trimming of the fur, brushing and or combing of the fur. With longhaired puppies you may want to comb through on a daily basis, trimming at areas that may be matted or may have a tendency to become matted. With curly and woolly dog breeds you will have to brush them every day to avoid any knots which tend to come about more frequently. The short-haired dogs with close tight hair or fur will only need a combing or brushing every two or three weeks. This is solely up you as the new owner but our recommendations should be kept in mind.

You will also need to do regular checking of your Westie puppy's paws. This will include trimming of the nails as well. You will need to check for any kind of dirt or debris that can become lodged in between the toes. This is especially important if your dog spends a great deal of time outdoors. The nails will need to be trimmed every few weeks. This will help your West Highland White Terrier puppy with movement as well as prevent any ingrown nails that can grow inward into the paw pads. This can be extremely painful for the pup and will cost quite a bit at the vets office to have removed and then closed up. To avoid this problem you must do a check every two weeks. Trimming of the nails will also save your furniture as well. If you have hardwood floors you will want to make sure your Westie puppy's nails are trimmed to avoid any damage. If your West Highland White Terrier puppy's nails are making clicking noises on your floors, then your pup may need a trimming.

Ear care is very important for your little Westie puppy. As a rule, the ears should always be a pale pink color and should not carry a fowl odor. If you notice anything odd you should take your West Highland White Terrier puppy over to your vet to get checked. Cleaning your Westie puppy's ears is a fairly easy task. You will want to wet a cotton swab or pad with a little bit of warm water and gently clean the inner areas of the ear. You only want to go as far as you can see and never go deep into the ear canal. Cleaning of the ears should be done just about as regularly as you would groom the outside of your West Highland White Terrier puppy.

Dental care for your Westie puppy is important as well. Cleaning of your dog's teeth should start at a very early age. As soon as the teeth start showing dental care should begin. Poor dental care is one of the main causes of early health problems in West Highland White Terrier dogs. Decay of the mouth and teeth can lead to serious kidney and liver disease. This can lead to an early death. You should brush your Westie's teeth as often as possible and take your pup into your vet once a year for a thorough cleaning.

Checking and cleaning your Westie's eyes should be done at least every couple of days. You will want to see clean and clear eyes. Any sign of drainage or cloudiness is not preferred. To clean the eye area you will want to take a moist cotton swab and gently wipe the outer areas to remove any discharge. To remove any discoloration of the fur around the eyes, there are a few products that can remove these stains and prevent new ones. One product that has been highly praised for this common problem is Angels' Eyes. This product safely removes tear stains without any harmful chemicals and is completely wheat free.

Bathing your Westie dog is another way to get rid of most of the smelly odors that most dogs carry. At first sniff, if your dog has a smelly odor then you will certainly want to bathe your West Highland White Terrier puppy. Most dogs will need to be bathed once every two weeks. The exception will be the curly or woolly breeds, they only require a bathing every two months or so. Always remember to use the special dog shampoos; never use human shampoo. The special formula for dogs is designed to remove dirt and odor but still leave behind the essential oils under the fur that your Westie needs.

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